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Our vision is to contribute our expertise, innovative ideas and passion to create better health and quality-oriented tools for the health, medical and social services sectors for the benefit of patients, caregivers and society at large. We want to be a long-term, strategic and operational partner to both suppliers and financiers of health and medical care.

Our values

  • CUSTOMER FOCUS - The customer's needs are always our starting point for finding new solutions
  • INTEGRITY - We always strive to work with the highest level of professionalism and humility
  • INNOVATION - We use innovative working models and ideas where our passion for creating better care and health is always in focus
  • COLLABORATION - We strive to achieve strong and long-term partnerships which are characterised by reliability, credibility and trust in our dealings with our customers
  • SOCIAL BENEFIT - We only take on assignments that demonstrably create useful and economically sustainable results