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Below are some publications which Sirona Health Solutions has written, co-authored or contributed results which have been published or mentioned.


Ersättningssystem som främjar kvalitet och effektivitet inom äldreomsorgens särskilda boenden - Svenskt Näringsliv (the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise)
21/05/2015 Sirona Health Solutions was commissioned by Svenskt Näringsliv to write a report on remuneration systems within sheltered accommodation for the elderly. The purpose of the report was to describe how the current remuneration system for the elderly living in sheltered accommodation could be changed in the future to better reward value, updated ways of working and innovation.

Finns det några samband mellan kvalitet, kostnader och bemanning? – en studie av äldreomsorgens särskilda boenden - Svenskt Näringsliv
04/05/2015 The question of the relationship between staffing levels and quality of care for the elderly is a highly topical one. Sirona was commissioned by Svenskt Näringsliv to write a report which highlighted the complexity of the issue and how quality is dependent upon a number of factors.

Samhällsekonomiska konsekvenser av antibiotikaresistens - Folkhälsomyndigheten
13/02/2015 In 2013, the Folkhälsomyndigheten (the Public Health Agency of Sweden, formerly the Swedish Infectious Diseases Institute) was commissioned by the government to develop a calculation model for the socio-economic consequences of antibiotic resistance. As a sub-study, Sirona Health Solutions was asked, with researchers at Karolinska Institutet, to quantify the extra healthcare consumption caused by infections with resistant bacteria compared to infections caused by non-resistant bacteria.

Värde i välfärden - Ersättningssystem som främjar kvalitet och effektivitet i primärvården - Svenskt Näringsliv
01/12/2014 Sirona Health Solutions was commissioned by Svenskt Näringsliv to write a report to contribute to the debate on how the primary healthcare reimbursement system should be designed in the future. Our question was: "How should today's remuneration system in primary care be developed to better promote quality and efficiency?"

Grund och struktur för lägesrapportering om kroniska sjukdomar - Upplägg för Socialstyrelsens lägesrapporter åren 2015, 2016 och 2017 - Socialstyrelsen
01/09/2014 Sirona Health Solutions was commissioned by Socialstyrelsen to inventory the available evidence, data, indicators and reports relating to the care of chronic diseases, and to make suggestions as to which indicators are suitable for monitoring the development of care for patients with chronic diseases

Kommunal eller enskild regi, spelar det någon roll? – en jämförelse av utförare av vård och omsorg om äldre - Socialstyrelsen
01/05/2012 The government asked Socialstyrelsen to identify any systematic differences in the quality of health and social care for the elderly provided by municipal (public) and private actors. Sirona Health Solutions contributed statistical processing and analysis


Värdebaserad styrning är bra för primärvården - Anders Morin och Mikael Witterblad
29/01/2015 Anders Morin and Mikael Witterblad wrote a debate article in Dagens Medicin as a result of the report drawn up by Sirona Health Solutions on behalf of Svenskt Näringsliv. "The remuneration system should be easy to understand and simple, avoid unnecessary administration that takes time away from healthcare, become more uniform between counties, encourage need-driven healthcare and promote quality development."

Lägg prestigen på hyllan och utveckla vårdvalet - Carola Lemne
14/12/2014 Carola Lemne wrote a debate article in Dagens Nyheter as a result of the report drawn up by Sirona Health Solutions on behalf of Svenskt Näringsliv. "The aim was to describe how these can be changed to better reward innovation, updated ways of working and patient benefit The report can be seen as a constructive input in an improvement process involving all relevant stakeholders." wrote Carola

De gick direkt till chefspost - Marie Ström
2014-10-22 Isabelle Cehlin, doctor and manager at Sirona Health Solutions, was the first person in the country to undergo specialist leadership training intended to pave the way to the managerial role for young, recently-qualified doctors. Here she writes about herself as a doctor and leadership in Läkartidningen. Isabelle says that "It is important that doctors occupy managerial positions in healthcare... You call for a doctor when you need a medical assessment. But I think that doctors need to be present in a different way and to take greater responsibility for the development of healthcare"

Dyr äldreomsorg inte bättre - Cecilia Granestrand
02/10/2013 "The differences are dramatic between municipal expenditures for elderly care. Rural areas or municipality size cannot explain the variation, and expensive care does not guarantee client satisfaction." Thus writes Dagens Samhälle following an examination of statistics including Sirona Health Solutions' analysis of SCB data and Socialstyrelsen's user investigations.

Hjälp till rökfrihet inför operation en självklarhet - Göran Modin, senior medical consultant, Sirona Health Solutions
01/11/2012 Sirona Health Solutions' senior medical consultant writes in Läkartidningen that ”En rökfri operation är i högsta grad en patientsäkerhetsfråga!”

Think two-tier health care would be a disaster? Ask a Swede - Tasha Kheiriddin
01/06/2012 Canada's National Post published an interview with Marit Vaagen about the Swedish health and medical care system and how private actors have contributed to more innovative welfare "According to Marit Vaaren, CEO and founder of Sirona Health Solutions, the involvement of the private sector did more than increase efficiency: it spurred innovation, which in turn resulted in savings to both the public and private sectors."

Bättre när vi är som bäst, eller bättre när vi är som sämst? - Göran Modin, senior medical consultant, Sirona Health Solutions
09/12/2011 Göran Modin et al. write in Ortopediskt Magasin about the importance of having procedures and checklists – and following them – in healthcare. The authors compare healthcare with the airline industry and note that "[...] compliance with agreed and established procedures is significantly lower in Western healthcare than in commercial aviation."

Leanledarskap - ett behovsstyrt ledarskap - Göran Modin, senior consultant, Sirona Health Solutions. Summary by Gudrun Hjorth
31/10/2011 The call for more resources to be given to healthcare has slowed. Instead, a new train of change is running, and all managers should climb aboard. Employees must be involved in changes and we have to abandon a number of our old ways of thinking. This can lead to astonishing improvements without using increased resources". So said Göran Modin, Sirona Health Solutions, at a lecture on Study Days at the Association of Managers and Leaders within Health and Social Care. A summary of the lecture has since been published in the Managers and Leaders in Healthcare magazine.

Sno åt dig de bästa idéerna - Jessica Berg 
23/02/2011Stop worrying about your own activities and industry. Stealing good ideas from the likes of Ikea, Scania and the Clarion Hotel produced a number of great improvements in healthcare." Göran Modin, Sirona Health Solutions, talks about improvements in healthcare through inspiration and lessons from other sectors in KvalitetsMagasinet