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Our services

Sirona delivers services and analysis products that help create better health and care. We work in four service areas, where we integrate unique databases, research-based knowledge and software with advisory services. Our employees have substantial expertise and a broad understanding of health and medical care structures and complexity. We assist national authorities, county councils, municipalities and private healthcare providers with tailor-made and fact-based solutions.

Advanced analysis and proactive healthcare services

The best healthcare is the healthcare that is never needed. We are pioneers in Scandinavia in the use of advanced healthcare data analysis, including predictive modelling and search pattern algorithms for optimising care and health. We always work in close collaboration with regional and local healthcare providers. Read more here.

Digitalization and innovation

The digitalization of health care is still in its infancy and requires new ideas and innovative solutions. We work with strategic, research-based development and practical implementation, and are proud to have gained the trust of many of Scandinavia's leading institutions. Read more here.

Management and governance

In complex structures, targeted and balanced strategic control is essential. Our experience ranges from overall national strategies to operational work with clinics and healthcare centres. Read more here.

Review and evaluation

Without monitoring and assessment, there can be no development. Our goal is to create organisational learning and lasting results. We have a pragmatic and solution-oriented approach, with patient benefit and the greatest possible value for every krona spent being the end goal. Read more here.