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Operational evaluation of physiotherapists in primary care in Sörmland County Council


Sörmland County Council wanted to increase transparency between healthcare providers and clients by initiating a development dialogue with the operational units. Furthermore, the county council wanted to introduce a methodology for the evaluation of its activities in order to ensure that safe and evidence-based care was being carried out with the right skills and the right resources.

The challenge

Sirona Health Solutions was commissioned to produce a picture of the current state of physiotherapy in primary care in the county and to develop a method to shape learning and for the council to use in the future when evaluating its activities.


Sirona conducted quantitative analyses of the council's internal healthcare data together with publicly available information in order to provide a picture of the current state of physiotherapy in the county.

For the evaluation aspect, a quarter of all activities were selected in order to get a representative sample based on the production, speciality and geographic location of the activities. For the selected activities, site visits were conducted with interviews with operations managers and physiotherapists working with remuneration according to the national scale and at health centres. For these activities, medical record audits were also carried out to ensure compliance with existing agreements, rules, laws, medical guidelines and regulations.


Sirona Health Solutions' work resulted in solid business transparency and a picture the current state of physiotherapy in the county. The activity evaluation indicated a good overall quality of physiotherapy in the county, but with scope for further development. On the basis of the fact-based analysis, Sirona developed recommended measures to further develop physiotherapy in the county. The work also resulted in the development of a methodology for how the County Council could carry out activity evaluations in the future.