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Management and governance

Our areas of expertise

Organisational analyses and business development, assignment and production management, development of remuneration models and procurements for health and social care.

How do we help our customers?

We work with management and governance at all levels in healthcare and medical care – from strategic issues, where we assist senior management via an authority or county council with the development of concrete strategies, to the improvement of operational production management for activities at patient level.  

Targeted management and governance is the basis of successful organisations which deliver the best possible health and social care to patients and, at the same time, promote quality, innovation and efficiency. To achieve rapid improvements and long-lasting results, we employ proven methods from management consulting and with medical excellence as an integral part of our work.

In recent years, the Scandinavian healthcare and medical system has gained diversity in its healthcare actors. This places new demands on the principals in terms of governance and management. Our analysis tool provides fact-based perspectives on both the healthcare solutions and suppliers that should be prioritised in terms of both the healthcare solutions that create the most care and the most health value per tax krona.

  • Business development: Most of our clients already have efficient operations, but have higher ambitions and want to further develop and update. Our strength lies in the ability, through fact-based analysis, to find and identify the most important areas to focus on. Once we have found these, we work in a systematic and goal-oriented manner with a continuous improvement process, with great humility and respect for the organisation's culture. 
  • Remuneration models: We start from the client's objectives – for example, to reduce queues, achieve lower costs or achieve higher quality and customer satisfaction – and combine these with a careful analysis of the current situation and existing challenges. On the basis of this, we simulate market dynamics and design alternative remuneration models. We are happy to assist in continuous monitoring and adjustment through pilot studies or research-based tests.
  • Healthcare procurement:Our team has worked with the most complex procurements of healthcare which have been implemented in Scandinavia. We are specialists in designing from scratch procurements that ensure equal treatment of suppliers and appropriate competitive dynamics, always with the patient's needs in focus. We also offer second opinions on procurements which have already been designed. Our solutions are based on in-depth healthcare data analysis of historical patterns, as well as future scenarios for volume, cost and quality. We collaborate closely with our customers, who can include both political leadership and civil servants.

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