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Digitalization and innovation

Our areas of expertise:

In eHealth and innovation we do not limit ourselves merely to the development or application of new technologies. We also include R&D, new organisational and business models, new working methods and models together with offers that result in more efficient use of resources and increased benefit for the patient.

How do we help our customers?

Within eHealth and innovation, we offer both advice, new development, and support for firm project management and implementation. We have led extensive and complex implementation projects and application consolidations. We are used to managing the associated change projects entailed by this work and have experience of working in the interface between healthcare activities and IT. Through our work we actively support healthcare activities by identifying system and process improvements and thereby working to demonstrate how IT creates added value and business benefit. Our R&D work focuses on the opportunity for creating innovative solutions through new development and updated working methods. 

eHealth solutions and innovation also set requirements for good insight into and high expertise within change management. Sirona has extensive experience of change management within politically governed organisations where both the professions and culture are strong. The above conditions set high requirements on the change process and its management. We are used to actively leading and managing a change journey and supporting our customers in achieving set objectives. An important aspect for Sirona as an external support is to contribute tools so that the customer can understand and manage different perspectives without assistance. For change management, process management and organisational development, Sirona uses a number of different frameworks and methods depending on the design of the project and the customer's wishes.

We also offer some pre-packaged eHealth solutions and products, such as Omsorgsanalys for the analysis of quality within elderly care.

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