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Consequences of healthcare choice in specialist care


A national decision has been made to facilitate healthcare choices within specialist care. On behalf of a medium-sized county council which had decided to delay the introduction of healthcare choice, Sirona analysed the effects and impact of the introduction of healthcare choice within specialist outpatient care in nearby county councils.

The challenge

The assignment consisted of inventorying and analysing the consequences of care choice within specialist outpatient care on several levels in order to be able to strategically adapt and develop activities on the basis of changes in competition for both patients and personnel.


In this assignment, Sirona carried out analyses of how patient mobility across county borders was affected by the introduction of healthcare choice in nearby counties. The assignment also involved an analysis of how skills supply in the county council, in the form of access to medical specialists and specialist nurses, was affected.

Initially, Sirona carried out a quantitative and qualitative analysis of data from Socialstyrelsen and national waiting times. Internal cost data for identifying whether, and if so how, patient mobility and the access to specialist skills had changed. An analysis was also carried out of the patients' desire and tendency to select their healthcare provider. This was done by means including interviews with key personnel from a number of relevant patient associations. The work also included inventorying of relevant laws and ordinances.


The project resulted in a comprehensive analysis and inventory of patient mobility and skills supply together with fact-based information for further business development within specific areas with identified change needs. The results of the patient mobility analysis included the fact that certain patient groups perceived healthcare choice as a challenge on the basis of perceived continuity. The work also led to contingency information for the development of a strategy for the county council's own actions in the case of potential expansion of healthcare choice within other areas in the nearby county councils.