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Analysis tools that compare quality and cost data


The need for care is increasing with the ageing population, while more efficient and customer-oriented solutions are in demand. In recent years, quality differences and quality deficiencies within elderly care have been recognised as a welfare challenge and municipalities are facing growing challenges to ensure quality care with limited resources.

The challenge

An important element of systematic quality development work in care is national quality monitoring. Existing data material is good, but is widely diffused, difficult to interpret and time-consuming to process.


Together with eight municipalities in a project partly financed by Vinnova, Sirona Health Solutions developed the web-based tool Omsorgsanalys, which compiles all public data within elderly care, disabled care and individual and family services. Omsorgsanalys provides the opportunity to compare and analyse quality and cost data between and within municipalities to identify prioritisation areas for quality development and learning.


Omsorgsanalys is one of Sweden's largest databases within municipal health and social care and is used today by managers, politicians and employees to easily visualise, analyse, compare and communicate the available results on municipal and unit level. The analysis tool provides functions including comparisons with other municipalities and units, trend and correlation analyses through clear visualisation, which creates the conditions for focused change work and increased quality within social care.