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Analysis of differences in quality in elderly care


Elderly care is an area which is gaining increasing attention and Socialstyrelsen (the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare) was given the specific mission of investigating whether there are systematic quality differences in elderly care.

The challenge

On behalf of Socialstyrelsen, Sirona investigated systematic differences in the quality of care for the elderly. Central to our mission was a comparison of the quality of care between public and private providers, and the creation of insights into whether quality is affected if an individual performer conducts its operations for profit or not-for-profit.


Our work included extensive quantitative analyses based on the Äldreguiden (the Elderly Guide), the national user investigation, Stockholm's own user investigation, Senior Alert and others. Analyses were performed both separately and through cross correlation between sources to validate data sources and study any connections.


Our analyses showed that it was not possible to identify any systematic differences in care quality between public and privately run operations for the elderly in residential care and assisted living. An additional insight was that it was not possible to measure any statistically significant differences between for-profit and not-for-profit operators.