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Advanced analysis and proactive healthcare services

Our areas of expertise

Our vision is to create a health and medical care service working according to the 4 Ps: Person-centred, Predictive, Proactive and Preventative

Many health and medical care providers have access to a growing body of unexploited healthcare data. Our quantitative analysis experts refine these data sets to offer insights as the basis for preventative and proactive actions at both regional and population level, at the business level and for individual patients too. The focus is always on providing greater patient benefits and improved health outcomes for every krona invested.

How do we help our customers?

Our quantitative analysis experts have extensive experience of working with healthcare data. For example, through advanced analysis and practical healthcare work, Sirona has developed a tool known as predictive modelling which is used to predict healthcare needs and search patterns at both individual and population level. Sirona has also used predictive modelling to develop risk scoring models for readmission. A risk analysis is carried out when the patient is discharged where the analysis estimates the probability of readmission within 30 days, so that health and social care services can be coordinated and preventative measures can be set up in a cost-effective manner.

Proactive healthcare services also means being able to carry out target group analysis to identify patterns in a population's historic healthcare consumption. Using these patterns, we can predict which individuals or groups will need more extensive healthcare in the future. Based on this knowledge, and in collaboration with our customers, we design and implement cost-effective programmes intended to achieve proactive and coordinated efforts.

Within the field of health economics, for example, we carry out analyses which highlight the costs divided over different social actors, in order to illustrate the benefit of investments in areas such as public health.

We have experience of large data sets and of working both independently or directly in our customers' IT environments to ensure sustainable and transparent results that can be managed and further developed by our customers.

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